Bishop installs Cathedral’s new pastor


CHARLESTON — Father Chester Moczydlowski was officially installed as pastor of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist by Bishop David B. Thompson in a ceremony during the 5:15 p.m. Mass on July 18.

In a bit of a “show and tell” demonstration, the Bishop had Father Chet move from the presider’s chair to the ambo and to the altar during his homily in order to illustrate how the pastor serves as the Bishop’s representatives in several key roles: governing, teaching, sanctifying, presiding, preaching and praying.

With Father Chet standing at the pastor’s chair, Bishop Thompson told those assembled that Father Chet now presides over the congregation, and that the parishioners should look to him for leadership. At the pulpit, or ambo, the Bishop called on the new pastor to “preach the Gospel in season and out of season.” And, at the altar, Bishop Thompson stressed the sanctification role as it pertained to the sacrifice of the Mass.

In additional remarks, the Bishop emphasized how fortunate the Cathedral Parish was to receive a pastor, telling those assembled that 12 parishes in the Diocese of Charleston don’t have a pastor, and that several other churches are in danger of becoming priestless parishes.

He then urged the congregation to “love your pastor, support your pastor. Be friends and accept his guidance.” Bishop Thompson thanked the former pastor of Prince of Peace in Taylors for taking this new assignment, and he also listed Father Chet’s leadership role as Dean of the Piedmont Deanery.

“I am humbled by the choice,” of the Bishop to be your new pastor, said Father Chet. “I hope I can win your trust and confidence.”

He related how he had been assigned as associate pastor at the Cathedral for a period of about four months seven years ago on the same date. The new pastor also told the congregation that they “can look forward to surprises and other good things the Lord has in store for us.”

Father Chet said he would stress a message of hospitality and welcome input from parishioners in “plotting a course together to lead us into the future.”