St. Joseph event shows support for life


SPARTANBURG — Parishioners at Jesus Our Risen Savior threw a party for their faith the other day and invited others to join them. No RSVP needed.

St. Paul’s Church Spanish prayer group came and sang a couple of songs, including “Dios Esta Aqui,” which means, “God is Here.”

St. Anthony’s Junior Voices of Padua also joined the celebration, singing the old-time favorite “This Little Light of Mine.”

A couple of other Christian neighbors also attended. Rev. Thomas P. Groome III represented Covenant Presbyterian Church, and Rev. Robert Long came from Calvary/Glenn Springs Episcopal Church and Church of the Epiphany.

“The church was full,” said Kay Beerman, a parishioner at Jesus Our Risen Savior who helped organize the celebration. “It was very enthusiastic.”

She especially enjoyed a dance choreographed and performed by Coryn Strum that was performed to the song, “City of God.”

“My soul was very involved with that dance,” Strum said. “A few people had reservations about it, but they came up to me afterward and said they were uplifted.” The movements of the “City of God” dance played to the lyrics of conquering darkness and gliding toward the light, Strum said. “It was also a reaching out and a striving for love and for God,” she added.

The performance ended in a “prayerful stance,” and Strum said she was amazed when “the audience just exploded with applause.”

“The dance was beautiful,” parishioner Pam Rice said. “She made the words come alive.”

Dan Powell and Rachel Butler played the parts of Joseph and Mary in a skit about the real first family performed by Jesus Our Risen Savior’s youth group.

When Powell performed “Joseph’s Song” — which revealed the angst and fears of a young man who did not know if he was capable of raising the Son of God — Rice said it truly touched her heart.

“I don’t know how many people came up to me and said Dan’s song, ‘Joseph’s Son,’ brought me to tears,” Rice said.

The skit described Mary and Joseph’s walk of faith during uncertain times. “It was inspiring,” Rice said, adding, “If they can do it, we can do it, too.”

To close the gathering, all in attendance joined together and sang a version of “I Will Follow Him.”

“That brought the house down,” Beerman said.