CCC spots airing in Pee Dee during Lent

The parishes in the Pee Dee and the Office of Communications have collaborated to coordinate the airing of public service announcements produced by the Catholic Communications Campaign (CCC) on several television and radio stations in the region.

One of the themes of the spots is “Reconciliation,” an especially powerful message during Lent.

For several years, the CCC has produced and distributed public service campaigns that share Catholic values with nationwide audiences.

In August 1998, the Catholic Communication Campaign released the first in a series of new public service messages designed to encourage people to square the relationships that are most important in their lives. The new campaign, created pro bono by Saatchi & Saatchi, consists of television, radio and print PSAs and embraces the line, “If you think you can’t make it right, you’re wrong,” in order to dramatize the power that people have to restore damaged relationships.”

Three 30-second television spots emotionally depict relationships that have gone awry. Print ads extend this message to newspapers and magazines.

Underscoring the universal appeal and importance of this campaign is the fact that singer/songwriter David Crosby and actor Dylan McDermott donated their services to the completion of these spots. Crosby and his son, James Raymond, created and performed the music, while McDermott provided the voice-over narration.

“With a new millennium on the horizon, there’s no better time to square the relationships that are most important in our lives,” said Bishop Robert N. Lynch of St. Petersburg, Fla., and chairman of the Bishops’ Communication Committee. “Most people have someone close to them with whose they’re had an argument, misunderstanding, or lack of communication that has led a falling out. This effort is designed to powerfully demonstrate the costs of ‘not making it right’ and to show what is possible if they just take action.”

The U.S. Catholic Conference is the public policy agency of the U.S. bishop. Through its Catholic Communication Campaign, the USCC produces and distributes a variety of media projects including television documentaries that examine spiritual themes, Christmas and Easter specials, and public service campaigns about issues of national importance.