Institute Resource Center coordinators appreciated


In recent weeks I have shared with you the stories of the many people who stepped forward to assist the Institute for Parish Leadership Development in its first year. The purpose of these articles has been not only to thank and recognize the teachers and facilitators, but to show how many people served our diocese and parishes in a variety of ways.

I wish to thank and acknowledge the men and women who are doing a great job at the nine Resource Centers throughout the diocese.

The Institute attempts to provide such resources as books, video and audio tapes, periodicals and Church documents for the participants to use. The resources for follow-up study are available to be borrowed by participants.

The task of receiving the articles, shelving and cataloging them, being on the scene at the hours the centers are open and helping participants to find the resources are among the services rendered by Resource Center coordinators.

These volunteers work behind the scenes and are the link between the diocesan Institute office and the local sites.

I, also, want to recognize the host parishes/institutions that have generously donated the use of their facilities to house the resources. They have set aside special rooms for our use. Often the parish staff receives shipment and phone inquiries intended for the coordinators and have graciously referred them to the coordinator.

The donation of space, staff and time, all work together to assist the Institute to provide participants additional opportunities for study and research.

We wish to show our appreciation to those dedicated Resource Center coordinators and the host facilities for their generosity. They are major players in the Institute being able to carry out its mission of presenting programs for the enrichment of parish leaders.

Oratorian Father Joseph A. Wahl is director of the diocesan Institute for Parish Leadership Development.