Bishop attends Pee Dee Life Chain


CONWAY — “Mind your own business!” a female motorist shouted Sunday at Conway Life Chain volunteers. A tour bus driver shot a “thumbs-up” signal at the participants of this worldwide campaign.

“Life Chains are a very important witness,” Bishop Robert J. Baker said at St. James Church during a morning Mass. “We join people of good will in that effort.”

On the highway the bishop did just that as he visited the event in Conway.

Father ‘Rick LaBrecque, pastor of St. James, after a morning Spanish Mass and a 10:30 a.m. Mass with Bishop Baker, held his sign high on U.S. 501 as cars rushed by. Dorothy Grillo, director of social ministries for the diocese, also attended the event.

“If you and I don’t take a stand on the morals of this world, who will?” asked Jack Barnhill, a member of Grand Strand Baptist Church, who attends the rally every year.

Andrew Luksa, 12, a member of St. James Church, held a sign, “Adoption — The Loving Option.” Why was he participating? “It’s killing babies. Those babies could grow up and find the cure for AIDS or something. If they kill them, that won’t happen.”