Christopher Smith

2nd year at the

Pontificio Seminario Romano Maggiore,

Rome, Italy

Birthplace/date: Greenville, June 28, 1977

Home parish, location: Our Lady of the Rosary, Greenville

Family: mom, Nancy; Dad, Ed; brothers Terry and Robin

Favorite aspect of seminary: liturgical life, atmosphere of prayer

Most difficult aspect of seminary: taking German and Greek in Italian

3 people you would like to meet: St. Thomas Aquinas, Palestrina, Evelyn Waugh

Who/what inspired your vocation: the example of holy priests at Christendom College

What do you do for stress relief: stress??? what stress?

Last book you read: The Spirit of the Liturgy by Cardinal Ratzinger

Reactions from others on your entering the seminary: “It’s about time he finally entered!”

What occupation would you have pursued, if not priesthood: theology professor, archeologist

Time period you might like to live in: pre-Reformation England or fourth century Rome

If you were stranded in a bell tower, what three things would you want with you: my breviary, a cell phone and lots of incense

Do you think the seminary will adequately prepare you for priesthood: yes; from Rome, the heart of the church, I can be formed as a priest close to where the apostles walked and the pope guides the church

If you had 3 wishes, what would they be: for everyone to be Catholic, to be a holy priest, an unlimited supply of pasta and chocolate

What’s your biggest fear: “The worst tragedy is not to become a saint.” – Leon Bloy

If you could be a patron saint, what would it be of: young Protestants considering converting to Catholicism

Published Dec. 14, 2000

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