Flashback — the campaign 20 years ago


In 1982, the Diocesan Development Fund was 20 years old and going strong with this campaign:

Early in 1962, Bishop Paul J. Hallinan, seeing the need for more financial assistance for the growth and continued development of the diocese, announced that a special appeal for funds would have to be made to the faithful in a program he called the Diocesan Development Fund. Through the years much assistance had been received from the faithful in other dioceses, various national church organizations, religious communities of men and women, and the people of God of our own diocese, but now it was felt that an all-out yearly drive should be made among the faithful of the diocese, for the work of the church in South Carolina. The slogan chosen for this first diocesanwide fund drive was “From Each  For Each.” Its goal was $100,000.

Bishop Hallinan was appointed archbishop of Atlanta before the drive was completed, but his parting gift of $500 to the fund helped it reach its goal. Thus, the first Diocesan Development Fund was a success!

Under Bishop Francis Reh, the yearly drive was continued, and it proved to be a very rewarding way of gathering the funds necessary for the growth and development of the diocese.

During Bishop Ernest Unterkoefler’s time, as leader of our diocese, this project has continued to grow and develop. Each year its goal has been raised in order to keep pace with the rising economy. In 1981, the goal was set at $1 million for the first time.

There is great trust that our devoted people of God will not be found wanting  that their love for Christ and his church will rise to the occasion and that they will give of their earthly wealth for the spread of his kingdom in South Carolina. Surely, we in 1982 are not less zealous than the early pioneers of the faith in this area, who gave greatly of themselves and their possessions in order to plant the banner of the faith throughout the diocese.

The funds collected in this drive are used to acquire land for the future development of the diocese, to assist missions already established, but which are finding it difficult to meet the needs they experience, to support educational centers and for scholarships for the needy, to help educate young men for the priesthood who will eventually serve in our diocese, and to respond, in charity, to calls for help from any of God’s people who are in need. The funds are administered through the Diocesan Development Fund Committee subject to approval of the bishop. All collecting of funds, committee work and distribution of funds are done by and through volunteer workers, so every penny goes to the spread of the kingdom.

One of the great goals of this year’s drive is the repair and refurbishing of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist for the celebration of its 75th anniversary.

Since 1962, the year of the launching of this campaign for diocesan development, the appeal has been made to adults  wage earners. This year the bishop would like to see the children of the diocese involved  all children up to and including those in high school.

Jesus showed a great love for children while he was here with us on earth. He used a little child to teach his message of Christian simplicity and honesty when he drew a little one to him and said to those about him, ‘Unless you become as little children, you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.”

In the early days of the church during days of persecution and martyrdom for the faith, young children such as Tarcisius, Agnes of Rome, and Pancratius gave their lives for their faith. It was to children that messages from God have come to us through the centuries. Bernadette of Lourdes, the children of Fatima, and Juan Perez of Guadalupe are just a few so favored by God as to be called in a special way to spread his Word. In our own country, a young Indian girl, Catherine Tekawitha, suffered greatly to preserve her Christian faith among her pagan people.

Children  young and older ones  are also full-fledged members of the faith, commissioned by their baptism to preserve and spread their faith.

… we ask that your response be a gift of money to the D.D.F. drive for 1982. Make this gift a token of your appreciation for your gifts of life, of faith, home and country. You are truly blessed by the Lord. Help make it possible for others to be newly blessed or continue in their blessings.