Lee Selzer

3rd year theology at Mundelein Seminary, Mundelein, Ill.

Birthplace/date: Patrick Air Force Base, Florida, Aug. 5, 1968

Home parish/location: St. Mary Help of Christians, Aiken.

Family: mom and dad in Vermont, four sisters

Favorite aspect of seminary: the commmunity that has helped to nourish my faith

Most difficult aspect of seminary: being far away from Charleston

3 people you would like to meet: (Lee has met his top three choices.) Mother Teresa, the pope, Archbishop John Foley

Who inspired your vocation: my parents and many of the priests that I knew  Fathers Paul Smith, Ed Sullivan, and Don Messier

What do you do for stress relief at seminary: listen to classical music

Last book you read: The Sermons of St. Leo

What was your occuption before entering the seminary: computer programmer

What time period you would like to visit: The Patristic Period, church fathers, 200s, 300s 400s, I have some questions, unpublished interview with St. Augustine

If you were stranded in a bell tower, what three things would you want with you: Bible, the Eucharist, breviary

Do you think the seminary will adequately prepare you for the priesthood: together with the parish experience in the summer, yes

If you had 3 wishes, what would they be: to be more holy, to be in a great parish, and lots of prayers from others for me

What’s your biggest fear: sinning

What did you want to be as a kid: a priest. I used to play Mass.

If you could be a patron saint, what would it be of: education

What might you choose as your personal motto: to do what has to be done