Bishop Baker’s Easter message: Easter hope


Between the darkness and death of Good Friday and the light and life of Easter lay the long, great silence and stillness of Holy Saturday.

Time was in a holding pattern. Fear, confusion, arrest, confinement, judgment, scourging, crucifixion, and death were visited upon the innocent, suffering Savior, Son of God.

The last vestige of blood was poured forth from a heart that beat no more. A lifeless body was laid to rest.

A band of frightened followers was dispersed, with the exception of a faithful few, whose hopes seemed shattered by the abandonment of their friends and the loss of the One to whom they had entrusted their lives and invested their hopes.

Where to go? What to do?

Could they still keep hoping?

Could they find any reason to rejoice?

The men on the road to Emmaus said, “We were hoping that he was the one who would set Israel free” (Luke 24:21).

That first Easter morning brought an answer to their hopes and dreams beyond their wildest expectations. Light shattered the darkness. Life broke the bonds of death, then and for all time. Jesus was raised from the dead, as he promised. Sin had been conquered. Victory for believers had been won. There was cause for great rejoicing that first Easter morning.

For us Easter is always on the horizon. Suffering and sin and death await that victory Christ already won for us.

Perpetually we live in the Holy Saturdays of life, between the darkness and death of our own Good Fridays and the expectation of new life in the Easters Christ has promised us.

In the times between, we must take on the perspective of the faithful followers who were patient under trial, persevered in prayer, and rejoiced in hope (Romans 12:12).

Easter is there for those who rejoice in hope!

Easter is there for all of us!

Rejoice always in hope!

A blessed Easter to all!