Timothy Tebalt

2nd year theology at Notre Dame Seminary, New Orleans

Birthplace/date: Columbia, SC, Aug., 22, 1964

Home parish/location: St. Ann’s in Florence

Family: parents deceased, three brothers

Favorite aspect of seminary: spiritual formation

Most difficult aspect of seminary: demands on your time

3 people you would like to meet: Teresa of Avila, Thomas Merton, Mark Twain

Who/what inspired your vocation: Army chaplain, Father Andrew Dembicki

What do you do for stress relief: exercise

Last book you read: The Name of the Rose by Umberto Echo

Reactions from others on your entering the seminary: on the whole positive, a little surprised, but usually positive

What was your occuption before the seminary: in the Army

Time period you would like to visit: 12th century Europe

If you were stranded in a bell tower, what three things would you want with you: coffee, a Bible, a cell phone

Do you think the seminary will adequately prepare you for the priesthood: yes, I do

If you had 3 wishes, what would they be: that I had thought about going to the seminary earlier, to stay close with good friends, to grow closer to God

What’s your biggest fear: to be in a situation where I wouldn’t know what to do

What what did you want to be as a kid: a school teacher

If you could be a patron saint, what would it be of: the forgotten

What might you choose as your personal motto: spend time with God