The Miscellany says goodbye to one and welcomes another

CHARLESTON — At The Catholic Miscellany, a small staff of two and a half works closely together to bring the news — good, bad or otherwise — to the people of the Diocese of Charleston. It’s a challenging job to combine in 16 pages the Catholic Church and the secular world and the activities of 118 parishes and missions, 30 schools and dozens and dozens of organizations. And somebody has to reel it all in.

That man was Jordan McMorrough, editor since May 1997. A native Texan, McMorrough is headed west once again. He has taken the position of editor with the newspaper of the Archdiocese of San Antonio, Today’s Catholic.

“My five years in the Diocese of Charleston have been a tremendous gift to me personally. I have worked with some truly dedicated and faith-filled people, whom I will miss dearly. Their professionalism has been an inspiration. However, the opportunity to accept the editorship of an archdiocesan paper in my home state close to my family was a proposition too good to pass by,” McMorrough said. “With the recent completion of The Miscellany redesign, I feel that I’m leaving the publication at a good moment. I know everyone at the office in Charleston, as well as the freelancers across the state, will continue to provide top quality communications efforts for Catholics in South Carolina.”

May 31 is McMorrough’s last day with the Diocese of Charleston.

And on June 3 Deirdre Mays will step up to the challenge. A familiar face around the diocese, Mays has written for The Catholic Miscellany since 1995. She was associate editor and photojournalist for the newspaper and is currently director of the Communications Office. Her first love, however, is journalism; so she took the position as editor.

“I am thrilled to be working on The Miscellany again,” Mays said. “This newspaper provides such an important contact for South Carolina Catholics with their church. It’s truly an honor for me to be a part of this historic publication, and I hope to continue to provide the Diocese of Charleston with an exceptional medium for the Good News.”