Distinguished professor shares a love of literacy with her community


By Tim Bullard

FLORENCE — Religious dedication is evident in the life of parishioner Dr. Mary Hilgers McNulty of St. Anthony Catholic Church in Florence

She and her husband, Owen, have been parish members since they moved to Florence in 1975. She is a member of the School Board and Women’s Club, a member of the RCIA Team, and the Little Rock Bible Study Group, which she started about 10 years ago.

McNulty was recently awarded the 2001-2002 J. Lorin Mason Distinguished Professor Award at Francis Marion University.

She was also awarded the Outstanding Teacher/Scholar Award by the Georgia/Carolinas English Association this spring. She brings her experience to all that she does.

“I’ve been a promoter of adult education in this parish,” she said. “Our faith is so much more deepened as you learn more and more about it.”

For her own literary nourishment, McNulty enjoys reading Henri Nouwen.

“He’s a wonderful spiritual writer,” she said. “He left behind a number of great works. He writes from his own experience and his own heart.”

McNulty reaches out to her community through volunteer activities.

“I think my commitment to God and my faith, which I inherited from my parents, also requires a full commitment on my part,” she said.

“I don’t see things as a matter of obligation, that which I want to do, that which I need to do. I see this commitment to God extends even beyond my parish. It extends to my community as well.”