Third-graders share their concerns about war

MOUNT PLEASANT — Kathy Schlachter, a third-grade teacher at Christ our King/Stella Maris School changed her teaching plan March 17 because of the impending war with Iraq.

She talked to the children in her morning class about how things were coming to a head in the Iraq situation. They asked questions and expressed their thoughts.

“I told them I thought it would be a good idea to say a rosary, asking our Blessed Mother for help,” she said. “They were quite anxious to do this. Many of them got a rosary from their cubbies, for we do a class rosary when we feel a need.

“Instead of reciting a mystery on the Our Father, a child would offer a petition. Early in our recitation, I looked up and saw that eight or nine girls sitting on the outer edge of the group had joined hands. There was no silliness, the Spirit had just moved them, I believe. It jolted me a little.

“We continued on, and more and more students wanted to do the petition, so after the fifth decade, I allowed anyone who wanted to, to offer a petition, to which we responded, ‘Lord, Hear our prayer,'” the teacher said.

“After that, I very slowly recited the Memorare, which suddenly became a very intense prayer, in light of the war. It was a very moving morning in this third-grade classroom.”

She also had the children write letters to God. These are some of those prayers.

These are hard times. Please pray for all the staff that died and are sick. Please help us if we go to battle. Please send Saint Michael the archangel to defend us in battle. Help us get better at loving one another in our hearts.

Please help our troops and pilots if we go to war, that they will not perish or get injured in any way. If we do go to war, please make our troops and pilots skilled enough and healthy enough to win.

Please stop all of the wars and protect all of your children. Keep us safe from danger, and look out for us when we are hurt.

Help our leader make the right decision. Help us if we go to war to win. If we do go to war, keep America safe. Help us have peace.
Matthew D.

Lead us in the right path. Let Saddam disarm. Please let there be world peace. Amen.

Lord, please help us in these wars we’re having. Please let everyone come home safely after war. Lord, let the world live in peace. Amen.

Make peace in the world. God, make us safe through wars. Amen.

I pray that if we do go to war with Iraq, that all the soldiers may not get sick. I pray that Saddam will stop making missiles.

Help us to do better and not to always hurt other people. Jesus, please help to keep the people safe when they go to war. Amen.

Please bring peace to our world and for us to go to war if we need to. Your choice will be the right choice for our country. If we go to war it was probably your decision and that you keep your hand on them. Amen.

Help us in these hard times. Bless the world and forgive our enemies because you love everyone. If we go to war, help us all. Help us love one another and help one another. Amen.

Please help the world live in peace for all eternity. Help us to learn how to be more like Jesus Christ. Amen.

Please help our country to stay safe. If we do go to war please help our troops to stay healthy. Please try to change their minds so we don’t have to go to war. Amen.

Please help us make a great decision. Please help us do the best we can in our school and our homes. Thank you for being so nice to us.

Please help the troops in war. I hope you will protect them. Amen.

Help our people get home safely if we go to war, but we hope you hear our prayers and don’t. Amen

Help us survive in the war if we have to go in war. Make sure that the people make the right choice and that we do no go in war.

Help us in war for we are strong and brave. We need power for this. We are very strong and still getting better every day. Help us, Lord.
Matthew S.

Save the people your love and stop war and make slavery stop and give the world peace.

Please help the troops in battle if we have to go to battle. Help President Bush make good choices.

Please protect the troops in Iraq. Please be with President Bush so he might not declare war. Please bring the dads and brothers of people back home. Amen.