Knights recognize public safety crews

SUMMERVILLE — The Knights of Columbus recently hosted an evening social for more than 120 public safety personnel and presented them awards in recognition of their service to the community. This event marked the 16th year that the Knights have recognized local police officers, firefighters, dispatchers and EMS units from their hometown of Summerville.

Department chiefs gave credit for the recognition “to the men and women who do their jobs every day. They are the ones who make the top people look good through their dedication, hard work and family spirit.”

A special tribute was paid to Officer William Bell who died of injuries after being hit by a car while on duty. A slide presentation linked the dedication of the public safety crews to the heroism exhibited on Sept. 11, 2001, by New York City police officers and firefighters.

Grand Knight Joe Branton said, “I want to thank the families of our special guests. I’m aware of the uncertainties you may live with and for that I commend you. You are exceptional people.”