Holy Spirit dedicates new church building

JOHN’S ISLAND  — For the parishioners of Holy Spirit Church, the dedication of their new building on Feb. 16 was truly a momentous occasion.

The $6 million edifice with a capacity of 1,000 is a major change for parishioners who have attended Holy Spirit for many years. Prior to the completion of the new building, the congregation met in a church erected in 1938.

“Our old building only seated 250,” said Father James Parker, pastor. “Since I arrived in 1991, the parishioners have been talking about a rebuilding project. We did a careful study, and based on projected growth for the area, we made the decision to build a church of this size.”

At the dedication ceremony the church was filled to capacity with parishioners, nearly 30 priests of the Diocese of Charleston, friends of Father Parker, and the color guard for the Knights of Columbus. The principal celebrant for the day’s event was Bishop Robert J. Baker.

“I congratulate the entire community for fulfilling your dream of a permanent church that inspires all to follow the call of the Holy Spirit,” said Bishop Baker.

“The church is the place where holiness happens, and I am honored to be here today to bless this place,” the bishop said.

Bishop Baker was presented with a ceremonial key to the church and personally recognized John Boudreaux for his architectural work and the contractors from Gulfstream Construction of Charleston.

“This truly is a beautiful place,” said Bishop Baker.

In his homily, the bishop implored Christians to “take up your cross and follow the Master.”

“One condition (of salvation) is that we come back to the church for reconditioning,” he said. “May each one of us become a holy person because of what happens here every day.”

Father Parker looks forward to the growth that he hopes to see over the next couple of years.

“I plan to do what has to be done to fill a thousand-seat church,” he said. “I was very pleased with the dedication service. I had no idea we would fill the church. So many of my friends were there, and I was very pleased with the music,” which was led by John Seigling.

The parishioners of Holy Spirit Church attended their first regular services in the new building the weekend of Feb. 21.