‘Power’ program finds strength in prayer

SULLIVAN’S ISLAND —  Members of the Stella Maris Servants of Jesus prayer group were delighted to have the opportunity of meeting Sister Philip Marie Burle during their annual seminar in late January.

“We recently completed Sister Burle’s ‘Life in the Spirit’ book in our prayer group, and we decided to bring her here,” said Ellen DiCarlo, the group leader. “It was truly amazing to meet her in person.”

Sister Burle, of the Sisters of the Adoration of the Most Precious Blood in St. Louis, Mo., authored the “You Will Receive Power” program that stresses the  power of Catholic tradition, Scripture, sacraments, and personal and communal prayer.

“This program has been blessed by the pope and endorsed by cardinals, bishops, and clergy all over the world,” said Burle.

 She spoke to the 75 people who attended the seminar on the eight teachings on sacred Scripture outlined in her book, including the Eucharist, the role of the laity, and the importance of developing a relationship with Mary.

“In Acts 1:8 it speaks of receiving power from the Holy Ghost,” said Sister Burle. “It is so important that Catholics today are aware of the treasures we possess in Mass and the Scriptures.”

Sister Burle emphasized the words of St. Jerome: “If you are ignorant of sacred Scriptures, you are ignorant of Jesus.”

“My goal with this seminar is that we all grow deeper in our relationship with Jesus,” she said, “in our love for him, our vocations, answering the call to holiness, and praying the Scriptures of the rosary.”

It is the power contained in the rosary that has fueled Sister Burle’s teaching and writing for the past 25 years.

“I began speaking on this internationally in the Philippines in 1979,” she said. “Since then I have spoken in over 60 countries. I spoke to the sisters in Calcutta for Mother Teresa on many, many occasions.”

Sister Burle said that one of the treasures of the rosary is that a person is able to go back in his or her life and find healing for past hurts. She also emphasized the importance of instilling this power in young children.

“Children are amazing — they aren’t cluttered like adults,” she said.

And Sister Burle attributes where she is today to her early introduction to the rosary.

“My parents had us pray the rosary together every day. We went to confession every Saturday,” she said. “I truly believe that a family that prays together stays together. This all has come out of the beautiful faith of my parents.”

DiCarlo said that “this strong family message and this special gift of healing families that Sister Burle teaches was something that really resonated with us. … What she says is so powerful, and the things she pointed out to us were amazing.”

Sister Burle’s program can be ordered through the Sisters of the Most Precious Blood, 930 Withnell Ave., St. Louis, MO 63118, or by calling (314) 772-4491.