Charleston sister has prayer published nationwide

JAMES ISLAND — When Sister Mary Helen Grobusky, an Our Lady of Mercy sister, first wrote “A Nursing Home Prayer to Jesus Through Mary” in 1986 she never dreamed that it would be published and distributed to every parish in the country in 2004.

“I first wrote the prayer when I was working at Divine Savior Hospital and Nursing Home in York (S.C.),” she said. “I needed a prayer and couldn’t find one. I don’t think such a prayer existed.”

The prayer that Sister Grobusky finally wrote over two days became an inspiration to many patients and their families. The prayer was framed and hung in the foyer of the nursing home for the five years during which she served.

“I wanted to write something to encourage patients in the home,” she said. “Many patients think that once they are sent to a home that’s the end of them. I wanted something that showed them how we felt about their quality of life.”

And although the prayer was displayed in the hospital while Sister Grobusky was there, she said that she packed it away in a box and didn’t discover it until many years later.

Sister Grobusky said that although many were encouraged and appreciative of her work she never imagined that it would be published, but her nephew, Charles Grobusky, had a different idea.

“My nephew got a hold of that prayer somehow and sent it to Creative Communications for the Parish to be included in their Living Faith magazine,” said Sister Grobusky. “One day I received a letter in the mail from Mark Neilsen offering to publish it. I must say that was quite a surprise.”

Neilsen, publisher for Creative Communications for the Parish, said he wanted to include Sister Grobusky’s prayer in the devotional prayer magazine, but it was too long. The executive decision was made to print the prayer on a card for distribution to parishes and nursing homes nationwide.

“One thing that I really liked about Sister Helen’s prayer was that it applied not only to patients but also to caregivers and families,” he said. “It is this bigger picture and the approach of praying for Mary’s intercession that makes it stand out.”

After six months of decision-making concerning design and format, the prayer was made available in the Creative Communications spring 2004 catalog. The prayer cards sell in quantities of 25 and up.

“I am very thankful that God has chosen to use this prayer like he has,” said Sister Grobusky. “It is so amazing that something that I packed away in a box and forgot about would end up everywhere. My priest (in York) blessed it, and I guess that is why we are here talking about this today.”

For more information or to order prayer cards, go to or call (800) 325-9414.

A Nursing Home Prayer

To Jesus Through Mary’s

Mother of the Human Family and of our world, I confidently entrust to you all who reside and work here, their joys, hopes and fears.

Most Holy Spirit, grant those who work here the light of true wisdom. Guide their steps in the way of peace and happiness. Enable them all to meet Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life. Sustain them on their journey of faith and grant them the grace of eternal salvation.

Almighty Father, bless all who reside in this nursing home. May they live in the peace, joy and love of Christ. Give strength to those who are suffering. Lighten their burdens, and when the end comes, may they die with the dignity Christ intended for them.

Bless all who labor here, O Jesus. May they labor for love, and not merely for wealth or earthly goods which are only temporary. May they labor for the everlasting joy of heaven, remembering the meritorious cup of water given in Jesus’ name.

O Sweet Mother of Christ, intercede before the throne of God for all who reside and labor here. May the Lord strengthen their homes and families through love and abundantly bless them in all that they do.

Used by permission from Creative Communications for the Parish, Inc.