Bishop Baker’s prayer for life

Bishop Robert J. Baker gave the following prayer at the Stand Up for Life March and Rally in Columbia Jan. 21.

O God of Light and Life and Love, please be with this great assemblage of people, gathered today to give you praise and to thank you for the gift of Life, the precious gift that precedes all other gifts from you, the gift that is the sign of your great love for each of us, bequeathed to us as a treasure to behold, to nurture, to sustain, to protect, to respect from conception until natural death. Thank you for this great annual day of celebration of the gift of Life with courageous and committed leaders of Church and State.

As the Author of life, you hold all of us accountable for the lives of the innocent unborn. May you bless those who took the time today to affirm the sanctity of human life and who are doing all in their power to protect the right to life for those who cannot speak for themselves. Support us in our efforts to bring healing to those mothers and fathers who were propelled to decisions they now regret, because there was no one there to help them. Support us in our efforts to bring healing to those who have taken strong stands in the face of opposition.

Help us to find today a new resolve, and new hope, and a deepened commitment to bring your Gospel of Life into a culture of death. Help us never to weaken our efforts nor waver in our hope that our country will one day welcome every single unborn child to the light of day. Amen.