The many faces of Maury Reed

GREENVILLE — Will the real Maury Reed please stand up?

Upstate theatergoers think of Reed in his lead roles in St. Joseph’s Catholic School’s theater productions, as the kvetching Jewish patriarch Tevye in “Fiddler on the Roof” or as the proper Henry Higgins in “My Fair Lady.” Players on the rugby greens of North and South Carolina know him as a fiercely competitive and athletic leader. Teachers respect him as an honors student who has grown to a quiet maturity in his high school years.

His household dean (SJCS upper school students are divided into households) sees yet another side of him. According to John F. Devanny, Reed is a young man of great spiritual depth.

“Maury’s a very devout Catholic,” Devanny said. “He is impeccable in his tolerance of others and his patience.”

He has many paths open to him, according to Devanny, because of his extraordinary acting ability and because he writes well and is a leader among the student population. One of those paths may be a little unusual for someone hooked on acting.

“I’m definitely going to do as much theater as possible in college,” Reed said. “But I’m also looking at the priesthood.”

The 17-year-old appreciates the natural tension between the two vocational interests. He will seek a bachelor of fine arts degree at either the University of Evansville, Ind., renowned for its performing arts program, or the University of Dallas, where he can also play rugby. Rugby is British football, played without pads and famous for its rough and tumble aspects. It is not a regular sport at most American colleges, but it is a passion of Reed’s. The Dallas school has the attraction of being Catholic, and Reed will continue to try to figure out his vocation as an undergrad.

Anita Sleeman, chair of the fine arts department and director of theater productions at St. Joseph’s, calls Reed a student of the theatre.

“He loves to put a character on. He studies the role and is a voracious reader,” Sleeman said.

Reed’s acting talents will be on display during the school’s upcoming production of “My Fair Lady.” Performances are April 15, 16 and 17.