Andrew Cano admitted to candidacy for Holy Orders

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Andrew Cano from the Diocese of Charleston, S.C., was admitted to candidacy for Holy Orders by Bishop John D’Arcy of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend on April 29.

The event took place in St. Turibius Chapel at the Pontifical College Josephinum, where Cano is a seminarian, according to a press release sent out by the school.

“It is a great joy to be part of this event, in this historic chapel where so many men have said to God, ‘I give my life to you forever.'” Bishop D’Arcy said.

The bishop, who is celebrating his 50th year of priesthood, said he has “never known a time where there was so much openness to hearing the Word of God; when there have been so many young people searching for a good life.”

What is critical for the candidates, he said, is for them to “have a great sense of responsibility, because the people expect, and have a right to expect, a priest to have an understanding of the Word, and be able to present it in a way that touches young and old.”

The rite of admission to candidacy for Holy Orders is celebrated when a seminarian has reached a maturity of purpose in his formation and has demonstrated the necessary qualifications for ordination. In the presence of the bishop, he publicly expresses his intention to complete his preparation for Holy Orders and his resolve to fully invest himself to that end, so that he will serve Christ and the church faithfully.

“There is much demanded of a priest today,” said Bishop D’Arcy, “to know the Word of God and to really care that the people of God hear the Word.”

Cano was one of six seminarians from six dioceses admitted to candidacy. They will study at the Josephinum for two more years before being ordained to the priesthood.

“The past four years in seminary have often been challenging, yet being received as a candidate for Holy Orders reminds me of the purpose of seminary formation,” Cano said.