Cornerstone laid for new church

MANNING — Members of Manning’s first Catholic community celebrated the laying of the cornerstone for their new church on Raccoon Road Sept. 25. The stone is the cul-mination of almost five years of dreaming, planning, and prayerful generosity of the faithful to their new St. Mary, Our Lady of Hope Church.

The event was held after the 9 a.m. Mass at the adjacent Campers’ Paradise lodge, where the parish has gathered for Sunday Mass for the past three years. It was officiated by Father Tom Kingsley, administrator; Deacon Chuck Walsh; and the parish council and steering and planning committees.

The cornerstone is located at the left front corner of the church. It included the insertion of a 50-year time capsule with names and photos of those involved in the process of planning the church.

The inscription etched into the stone reads, “Perfecta Spes Nostra Benevolentia Madonnae Spei Nostrae,” or “Our Dream Has Been Realized Through the Good Graces of Our Lady of Hope.” The stone was set into place and sealed by the attending mason, Lewis Evans.

It is anticipated that the first Mass will be celebrated in the new church in early December.