JustFaith workshop asks participants to live as Jesus lived

GREENVILLE — Jack Jezreel stressed the message that “there are to be no poor among you” during his JustFaith workshop at St. Anthony of Padua Church on July 28.

In a press release for The Miscellany, Sister Margie Hosch, then director of the Upstate Catholic Charities, said that participants received an overview of the program, which promotes social justice.

Jezreel opened the morning with a quote from Jeremiah inviting people “into an opportunity where their hearts can be written upon.”

He spoke of compassion and how to live the faith in today’s complex society by learning to truly see the poor. This sight is developed when the economics of equality, liberation and love for all guides the activities of a holy people, he said, whom he described as those who long to share, are steeped in justice, ruled by compassion and enjoy an intimacy with God and one another. 

Jezreel told the audience that the basic human right of a people to have shelter, access to food, clean air, water and land, plus the right to good jobs and health care form the basic principles of Catholic social teaching. He said it is up to everyone who sees the poor and their needs to do something about it.

“The poor will forgive you if you just give them what they need in terms of basic human needs,” Jezreel said. “But what Jesus is asking of us is to love as he loves, to see as he sees, to hear what he hears, to speak as he speaks, to become acquainted with their human stories, their name, their holiness, their longings, their tears, their sufferings, their joys, their emptiness and fullness and companion one another to that intimate connection with God where there are no poor among us.”  
Jezreel made an invitation to each person and their faith community to become agents of God’s compassion and healing in a wounded world.

Those who register for JustFaith meet weekly for 33 weeks and participate in retreats and immersion experiences.

So far, over 700 parishes in 90 dioceses have participated in the JustFaith program.  Over 60 people from Greenville, Greenwood and Anderson have graduated.

Another workshop is planned in the coming months for Spartanburg, Clemson, Easley and Seneca, according to Sister Margie.

JustFaith works in partnership with the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, Catholic Charities USA and Catholic Relief Services.

To learn more about JustFaith call your Catholic Charities office or Jarda Booker at (864) 244-8441.