Proper disposition for God’s invitation

As we intertwine our faith with our work, we’re sometimes prone to fall in the trap of thinking that God has nothing big planned for us. We might be inclined to think that outside of owners and top management, we have little if any standing on God’s behalf in the workplace. Worse yet, we might begin to believe that we’re excluded from God’s plans.

Do you really think God’s assignments are sent only to the executive suite or company owners? If so, think again. Time after time in God’s word, we see God raise up the “least of these” and call them to lives of significance and legacy in the work of the kingdom. Consider David, the youngest of Jesse’s sons, a mere shepherd boy whom God chose to lead his chosen people, Israel. Moses, first abandoned as a child and later sentenced to forty lonely years in the desert, was instrumental in delivering on God’s promises. Fishermen and ordinary people enjoyed the closest human relationship with Jesus as he walked the earth.

No small roles in the kingdom

Ginger Rogers, best known for her prolific dancing in movie after movie with Fred Astaire, once said, “There are no small parts, only small actors.”

The same is true in God’s kingdom now and in eternity. In fact, the moment you start thinking that who you are and what you do in the workplace counts little in God’s eyes, you begin to diminish your ability to respond to his calling.

Yes, our responsibility as workplace servants in God’s kingdom comes down to our willingness to respond to his calling. That response is dependent in large part on our having a kingdom perspective and a clear understanding that God’s ways are not our ways.

So what exactly is God asking of us in the workplace? The answer here is purposely general in nature because God has something specific in mind for every one of his children. Yes, we’re to be salt and light for coworkers, customers and suppliers.

Our ideal disposition

So if it’s not about the title or position but about our openness to God’s invitation, what should we do to have the proper disposition for his will? Try these:

Listen more than you talk to God. God knows before we even ask in prayer what we’re about to request. Listening to God in quiet times and looking for him throughout the course of the day in people, circumstances and study can add clarity and provide tremendous guidance in what God may be asking of you.
Consider every moment an opportunity. Be prepared at all times, because you never know when the God of the Universe may have your assignment ready for you. It could come in the seemingly smallest of circumstances or conversations, so be ready and aware. This is the best way to be able to respond promptly and properly to God’s call.
Spend quiet time to strengthen your love relationship with God. You want to spend time with those you truly love and God is no exception. Get to know him on a personal level. Understand the depth of his love for you. Allow him to fill your heart with love for him, for yourself and for those whose lives he allows you to touch.
Learn God’s nature by reading and studying his word. You want to know everything you can about those you love.
To know God in a deeply spiritual way is to love him. He gives us plenty of insight through the Scriptures to raise our level of awareness and understanding of his very nature and his purpose for humankind.

Always give God the benefit of the doubt when it comes to him involving you in his plan and using you for his glory. By doing so you will find yourself open and ready for his invitation at exactly the right moment.

Carroll is an entrepreneur and author based in Mount Pleasant. E-mail him at