The Miscellany seeks input with readership survey

CHARLESTON — The Cath olic Miscellany is working with the Office of Research and Planning for the Diocese of Charleston to conduct a survey of its subscribers in our constant effort to make the publication more interesting and useful to our readers.

The survey is divided by deanery so a more accurate representation of the state and our readership can be assessed.

The Catholic Miscellany is the first Catholic newspaper in America and has continued to expand its reach since it was founded by Bishop John England in 1822. Currently,  with each issue, the paper reaches close to 29,000 households across South Carolina. The annual subscription rate is $19 per year. The cost of printing and mailing the newspaper comes mainly from parish funds, but also from individual subscribers and advertisers.

Naturally, those who purchase advertising want to know something about our readers. But more importantly, we would like to know what readers think about the content, what they would like to see, and how they want to receive it.

The results of the survey will be compiled in a report and used to help The Miscellany’s staff respond to readers’ views about news and editorial content, and reach potential advertisers in the future. A report on the findings will be included in a future issue.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to these questions about your readership habits. Your input will help us to tailor our publication to the needs and interests of Catholics in the Diocese of
Charleston. Please click on the link to your deanery below to answer the questions.