Chapin parish helps build homes in the Dominican Republic

CHAPIN — Members of Our Lady of the Lake Church’s outreach committee sponsored a Homes of Hope project recently, which benefits the poor and helps build homes in the Diocese of San Juan in the Dominican Republic.

The committee worked with Cross International, a Catholic outreach and aid organization which has missionaries in the Dominican Republic and around the world. Redemportist Father Victor Karls of Cross International spoke at all Masses at Our Lady of the Lake Aug. 9-10.

The San Juan Diocese is in a remote area of the Dominican Republic. Many families are destitute and live in shacks. Their dirt floors turn to mud when it rains, and storms often destroy their humble homes.

Deacon Charles LaRosa heads the outreach committee at Our Lady of the Lake, which is raising money to build new, sturdy housing in the impoverished nation.

“The cost for a modular concrete home, with a concrete floor and a solid zinc roof, ranges from $3,500 to $4,000,” Deacon LaRosa said. “Because the homes come pre-made and ready-to-assemble, they can be erected quickly and efficiently, providing families shelter from the weather and helping them live in dignity.”

Father Andrew Vollkommer, pastor of Our Lady of the Lake, said the project, “was a wonderful example of the great stewardship and generosity of the people here in this parish. It also gave our folks an opportunity to really make a lasting and direct impact on someone’s life in the Third World in a very real way.”

Submitted by Gary Schmedding of Our Lady of the Lake Church.