St. Michael in Garden City dedicates new columbarium

GARDEN CITY — Father Raymond J. Carlo dedicated and blessed St. Michael  Church’s new columbarium  on Nov. 2.

The parish built the columbarium after members expressed a desire for one due to the lack of Catholic burial locations in the area and the large retirement population, according to a press release from St. Michael.

Planning for the structure began with the parish capital campaign to build a new church in August 2007 and included requests for proposals from suppliers.

The columbarium is in a temporary location and will be moved to a permanent site when the new church is built. It consists of two units, each containing 192 double niches.

Work began after approval was received from the Diocese of Charles ton in February.

Niche licenses have sold quickly, according to the press release. The parish chose memorials in the form of benches and a base for a centerpiece fountain.

The blessing and dedication took place on All Souls Day. After the dedication, Father Carlo, pastor, performed the burial service for his mother, Janet, who died in March. He was assisted by Deacon Charles Fiore.

Father Carlo’s mother was a member of St. Michael parish and had lived in the rectory with her son for the past three-and-a-half years.