Facilitators are key to the Institute


Recently I expressed personal gratitude to 27 men and women who hold key positions in the Institute for Parish Leadership Development, that is the Institute facilitators. I told them we could not have completed Course One without their many contributions. I thought I would share the roles they played in the Institute.

At each of 13 classroom sites there was at least one facilitator. They also served in teams of two or more.

At each evening class, they would arrive early to open the facility. Any furniture that needed to be set up they would either rearrange or assign volunteers to do it. They would see that the audio visual equipment was in place and ready for use, so the presenter could see to the final details of the presentation. They would distribute attendance sheets and regularly send reports to the Institute. The facilitator would delegate a participant to read the opening prayer. Participants were also assigned to bring refreshments. The facilitators would clean and close up the facility after class.

Two of the curriculum classes did not have presenters but were presided over by the facilitators. These sessions were very important to the success of the Institute. Throughout the program participants worked on team projects to benefit their home parishes. Guidance for these fell under the facilitator duties.

In the class, when all project reports were made, it was the facilitators who acted as master of ceremonies — affirming all that had been accomplished. When the entire Course One program was evaluated in the final class, the results showed that the guidance of the facilitators throughout the process was invaluable.

Now as we move on to present Course Two in September my hope and prayer is that most of them will serve another year. Some, of course, will have moved on to other ministries.

We move in to Course Two confident that God will send us quality facilitators as in Course One. Our diocese is very grateful to the men and women, whose names appear here, who served so faithfully.

Oratorian Father Joseph A. Wahl is director of the Institute for Parish Leadership Development.

Classroom sites and facilitators

Coastal Deanery

Nativity, James Island: Linda Baranoski, Tom Baranoski

Blessed Sacrament, Charleston: Christine Webb, Wilson Gautreaux

St. Peter’s, Beaufort: Barbara Stanley, William LaCombe

Summerville Catholic: Ralph Keene

Pee Dee Deanery

St. Michael’s, Garden City: Thereasa Crabb, Karen Dietz

St. Anthony’s, Florence: Sherman Gaskins

Midlands Deanery

The Oratory, Rock Hill: Toni Pistun, Michelle Husted

St. Peter’s, Columbia: Debbie Bernhagen, Terri Brockwell, Sonya Akins, Peggy Williams

Cardinal Newman High School, Columbia: Gerard Thibodeaux, Lisa Thibodeaux

St. Mary’s, Aiken: Deacon John Klein, Deacon Robert Waters

Piedmont Deanery

St. Mary’s, Greenville: Tom Gutierrez, Jenna Gutierrez

St. Mary’s, Anderson: Sister Elise Gorman, MFIC, Deacon Frank Farina

Jesus Our Risen Savior, Spartanburg: Joanne Babin, Deacon Frank Farina, Deacon John Karandisevsky