Catholic Press Month: Subscribing to your beliefs

Catholic Press Month, February 2010, The Catholic Miscellany, South Carolina

Catholic Press Month, February 2010, The Catholic Miscellany, South CarolinaCHARLESTON—You’ve heard it many times before, communication is key. Whether it is in a marriage, friendship, work or sport, a cornerstone of any solid relationship is good dialogue. Bring Christ into that rapport and you have a hope-filled future.

One of the ways the Catholic Church carries its message to the faithful is through its press.

In the Diocese of Charleston, The Catholic Miscellany is a direct communication to the reader about their faith on a local, national and international level.

By conveying the teachings of the bishop, spotlighting the priesthood, telling the stories of the religious men and women, and sharing the events that take place in people’s lives, The Catholic Miscellany connects the faith community in every parish in South Carolina.

From the very first printing, the Catholic press has been an important vehicle for evangelizing all members of society and it started right here in the Diocese of Charleston.

When Bishop John England took pen to paper and created The U.S. Catholic Miscellany on June 5, 1822, he did so to defend the faith and the people who loved it. That is something the newspaper continues to do by educating our own and reminding readers how the teachings of Jesus Christ look in daily life.

Today, newspapers are both struggling and evolving. We are fortunate in this diocese to have a newspaper supported in its mission by pastors, parishioners and individual subscribers. It is the only local, printed source of Catholic news in the state.

The Catholic Miscellany strives to be a respected, professional Catholic publication. It is the continued goal of this paper to provide a weekly reminder that others are out there who share the same faith with all its promise, inspiration, questions, joys and sorrows.

Please continue to support your newspaper by renewing and subscribing.

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