Bishop meets with Catholic legislators

South Carolina Statehouse

South Carolina StatehouseCHARLESTON—Bishop Robert E. Guglielmone had a full plate of issues to talk about with our Catholic state legislators.

During a recent breakfast at the State Supreme Court, the bishop and Msgr. Richard D. Harris met with about 16 state leaders, including Chief Justice Jean H. Toal of the S.C. Supreme Court.

Bishop Guglielmone said there was no set agenda but he hoped to discuss several areas of concern that affect both the church and the state.

No. 1 on the list is education. The bishop said he didn’t have anything specific in mind, such as the pending voucher bill, but wanted to have a general conversation about public and Catholic schools to see if there’s a way to help each other.

His second big concern is the recession. Bishop Guglielmone said people across the state are suffering because of unemployment, and he feels the state and church can join together to find ways to alleviate those woes. 

Another priority is immigration and how families living here are affected.

This was the second annual meeting between Bishop Guglielmone and the Catholic legislators, both of which were initiated by Justice Toal.

The bishop said he would like to create a relationship with state leaders that would provide a network of mutual support and assistance.

“I’m more concerned here that we recognize there are issues in these particular areas, and we want the best for the people of South Carolina and the Catholic Church,” Bishop Guglielmone said prior to the meeting.