Bishop England High School attempts piggy-back record

Students at Bishop England High School may have just piggy-backed their way into the Guinness World Records.

In a raucous ending to their homecoming spirit week on Oct.7, over 400 Battlin’ Bishops paired up for a piggy back race all the way down the football field.


Their goal was to break the current record for the most people at once, which is officially held by a group from the United Kingdom, with 296 participants, according to the 2010 Guinness book.

Desi Runey, the teacher advisor for the event, said they had well over that number, with almost the entire student body taking part. She added that all but one pair crossed the finish line.

Some students zoomed down the field like they were carrying nothing more than bookbags, while others stumbled, weaved and laughed their way to the end zone. A few determined souls lost their balance, tumbled down, and went back to the starting point to try again. Regardless of how they got there, almost everyone made it across.

Whether they break the record or not, the teens said they were thrilled to get out of class and had a blast just trying.