Prince of Peace school adding two more classes

TAYLORS—Prince of Peace School is to fulfill one of its missions with the addition of second- and fifth-grade classes.

Since its inception, the school program has grown with the ultimate goal of having two classes in each elementary grade. Come the  2012-13 school year, that will be a reality.

Principal Michael Pennell said it’s the result of a strong faith community and an interest in Catholic education. He said the school board and Father Christopher Smith, administrator of Prince of Peach Church, approved the hiring of two new teachers to allow for the expansion.

Flooded with resumes, the school hopes to have the new teachers hired by the end of April so they can be introduced to the community, Pennell said.

“These are Catholic teachers who want to make a difference in kids’ lives,” he said.

Class size ranges from 16-20 students, which is exactly how the school wants it, the principal said, adding that some grades have wait lists so they can maintain their small size.

The middle-school grades only have one class each, he said, noting that educational opportunities for this age are extremely competitive.

To accommodate the new classrooms, Pennell said the school will only require some modest renovations to “take some walls down, put some walls up.”

In the future, however, they hope to secure a larger expansion effort.

Along with classroom growth, the new school year will also mark Prince of Peace’s 10th anniversary.

“Lots of good things are coming into focus for us next year,” Pennell said.

Bill Rhodes, president of the PTO, credited the principal, teachers, students and entire school community for the growth.

“We are very blessed,” he said.