Zac Brakefield produces ABCs of faith

ROCK HILL—Zac Brakefield wants to help your baby learn Latin.

“Baby Latin,” to be released later this month, is just one of the offerings from ABCatholic, the 21-year-old Rock Hill native’s new business.

His goal? To make children’s Catholic CDs and DVDs that teach the faith in a fun way.

ABCatholic’s other products include Catholic alphabet and counting lessons.

The company also offers “A Marian Lullaby,” a CD of hymns and original songs honoring Mary done in a gentle, lullaby style.

ABCatholic ( is a division of Maximilian Media, the film production company Brakefield originally started in 2009 as Divine Intervention Films.

He recently was working as director of photography at Catholic Courses in Charlotte, N.C., a division of St. Benedict Press, when he realized how much he loved producing material that helped people learn about their faith. The entrepreneur said he felt especially called to serve families and children.

The new company’s office is in Rock Hill. Brakefield produces most of the DVDS and outsources other work such as graphics. Matthew Torres and Patrick Culbertson, two musicians from nearby Concord and Gastonia, N.C., write, record and produce original music.

Most of ABCatholic’s sales so far have come from the Internet. Brakefield hopes to branch out into stores and other locations later this year. A short promotional video about the company has also run on Eternal Word Television Network.

His goal is to eventually have a product line for infants, toddlers and older children. A series of CDs with songs about saints is in the works, and so is a book about the childhoods of five saints.

He hopes revenue generated by ABCatholic will help him fulfill a longtime dream of making a film based on the life of Maryknoll Father Vincent Capodanno, a military chaplain who was killed while giving last rites to dying U.S. Marines in 1967 in Vietnam.

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