Checking in with Michaela Shenkelberg and Michael Martocchio

As a bus full of South Carolina Catholics rolls across the countryside toward Philadelphia to participate in the World Meeting of Families celebration and hopefully see Pope Francis, they entertain themselves as best they can.

On their first day, Sept. 21, around 2:30 p.m., after about 7 hours of travel: Michael Martocchio said the children — and some grownups — were napping, while a restless group of young adults were keeping constant tabs on social media.

Michaela Schenkelberg and her group of travel companions were totally enthusiastic about the trip. Following the events on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites was fanning the flames of their excitement and making them even more charged about being there and participating in events, she said.

Overall, Michaela is looking forward to bringing what she learns back to the young adult community. There’s one talk in particular she hopes to attend, and that’s the one on children with special needs and how to better include them in the church and religious education.

Michaela Schenkelberg is a doctoral candidate and graduate research assistant at The University of South Carolina in Columbia. She attends St. Thomas More and is active with Columbia Young Adult Catholics.