Check in: Michael Martocchio on attending a world meeting with the family

Michael Martocchio, director of Catechesis and Christian Initiation for the Diocese of Charleston traveled to the WMOF with his family.

PHILADELPHIA—It was a rare moment of downtime for Michael Martocchio and his family as they sought to recharge in their hotel room during the lunch-time break.

Michael-and-daughterFour days into the World Meeting of Families, and the father of two energetic young girls is thinking a siesta sounds just about right. Francesca, 5, and Cecilia, 2, are attending about half the events with their dad each day, which means he often ends up with one of them in his lap, sometimes sprawled out in the kind of nap mode only young children and animals can pull off.

Michael said they’re too young to take in the messages from the keynote speakers, but are absorbing the whole atmosphere of church and family and enjoying the adventure of it.

Stand-out moments everyday are simply witnessing the thousands of people from around the world, speaking in their languages and wearing the traditional clothing of their country.

“It brings home that it’s a really a world meeting of families,” Michael said.