Finance subcommittee needs volunteers

CHARLESTON—Attention bean counters, the Diocese of Charleston wants you.

John Barker, CFO for the diocese of Charleston, is seeking up to five people to serve as members of the diocesan accounting and finance committee, which is the subcommit­tee of the diocesan finance council. Applicants must have a background in accounting — certified public ac­countants are preferred.

The duty of the subcommittee is to provide financial oversight on the budget of the Diocese of Charleston. Members will review financial state­ments and help balance operational budgets, among other things. They will also serve as the audit commit­tee for the diocese, which means they will recommend an outside auditor for the annual audit and work with the auditor on any areas of concern, Barker said.

The chairman of the subcommit­tee will also serve on the diocesan finance council and act as a liaison between the two groups. Barker said all selections must be approved by Bishop Robert E. Guglielmone.

Applicants may be from anywhere in the state. Barker said the com­mittee meets four times a year in Charleston, but participants may attend most meetings digitally. Al­though face-to-face discussion is bet­ter when possible, the only one where physical attendance is required is the annual budget meeting. He said the technological capabilities available in the new pastoral center opens the door to meetings via Skype or other interactive methods.

In addition to seeking volunteers for the finance sub-committee, the diocese is also asking the faithful to find other areas where they can be of service.

“As a growing diocese, the need to expand our outreach to those served requires the expertise of more lay volunteers,” Bishop Guglielmone wrote in a letter calling people to give of their time and talents as a way to help further God’s kingdom.

Barker said volunteering is a great way to be a good steward “because it assists the bishop in his duties as the good ‘householder’”, a reference to Canon law that states that all admin­istrators must fulfill their roles with the diligence of a good householder.

The subcommittee is a current standing committee that is looking for new members to assist in the oversight and review of the op­erations of the chancery, as well as allocation of financial resources to programs and ministries that serve the faithful in South Carolina.

Volunteers must be Catholics in good standing and receive an en­dorsement from their pastor.

Applications may be found here.