Lucis Via hosts skills series for young adults

CHARLESTON—A quirky idea formed in Sarah Viancourt’s mind when she joked with a culinary friend that she should learn to cook.

Viancourt, 26, looked around and realized her friends had special skills she did not have. She could learn to swing dance, paint, play better volleyball, or figure out which wine goes well with a meal. As co-chair of Lucis Via in Charleston, she was already part of the perfect platform to make her idea a reality.

Lucis Via is a statewide Catholic organization for hundreds of young adults and has established chap­ters in Greenville, Columbia, and Charleston. New chapters are taking root in Aiken and Myrtle Beach.

The Charleston-based organiza­tion has about 50 active members who regularly attend weekly study groups, social events, and service projects. Members tend to be single between ages 18-39 and young fami­lies are welcome as well. It is not required to be a practicing Catholic to take part in the Skills Series.

“We try to meet people where they are with their faith. We open with a prayer but the goal of the night is to develop a skill,” said Viancourt. “I’ve watched a lot of people come back to their faith because they feel like they belong.”

The six-week course began April 2 with cooking. Recently, participants had fun overcoming awkward mo­ments during salsa and swing dance lessons in the basement of Blessed Sacrament in Charleston. They also sipped wine in Mount Pleasant while learning to paint a scene of Sulli­van’s Island. There is nominal cost to participate and any donations are welcome.

Sarah Allen, 28, is also a co-chair for the Lucis Via Charleston organiza­tion. She was nearly breathless with enthusiasm for this energetic group.

“We are alive and active,” said Allen. “We’ve got some really active young adults looking for alternatives to what is out there in our culture. Young adults do a lot of stuff and the Skills Series is about opening those doors. If you want to come to dance or learn how to paint, you are wel­come. Come get to know us.”

What’s next?

April 30: Wine Pairing at 5 p.m., location to be determined

For updated details, contact Sarah Viancourt or Sarah Allen at Lucis Via Charleston, 243 King St.

Office phone: 803-445-6114


By Rhesa Versola | The Catholic Miscellany