St. Paul encourages youth to act on pro-life beliefs

SENECASt. Paul the Apostle Church’s Respect Life Com­mittee urged their youth min­istry to become more pro-life and on Nov. 19, a group of 35 drove an hour to the Green­ville Women’s Clinic to pray the rosary outside.

They were led by Right to Life committee members and youth minister, Justin Dery. Parents and teens prayed and discussed abortion and the need to reach out with love.

Dery said the group will continue praying at the abortion center every other month and will do clean up work at the Piedmont Women’s Center, a free preg­nancy Care Clinic located next door. They hope other parishes in the state will follow their lead, said Jim Canvin, co-chairman of the church’s Respect Life Committee.

“The great in­crease of prayers from more youth groups praying year-round at abor­tion centers could help close them and save innocent lives,” Canvin said in a press release.

If youth min­isters or parents are interested or concerned about youth involvement at abortion centers, contact Dery, 864-886-2421 or

St. Paul the Apostle Church youth and members of the parish pray the rosary at the Greenville Women’s Clinic on Nov. 19.