St. Mary Magdalene offers thanks at multicultural Mass

SIMPSONVILLE—St. Mary Magdalene Church held what has become an annual multicultural Thanksgiving Day Mass, with more than 1,200 people participating in a wonderful celebration of the Eucharist on Thanksgiving Morning.

A variety of cultures including Hispanic, German, French, Polish, Italian, and Filipino were all represented.

The Mass was initiated by Father Teofilo Trujillo, pastor of St. Mary Magdalene, shortly after his arrival at the parish in 2009.

Michael McGarry, director of evangelization, said Father Theo started it because he wanted to bring the Hispanic and Anglo communities together and promote both as a way to demonstrate a unified Church.

“Right from the start it was a big success,” McGarry said. “As I recall, we had over 800 people at the first one.  The next year it went to 1,000 and has stayed there or above since.”

The multi-cultural Mass incorporates different languages into the service through the music, the Psalm, general intercessions and other parts of the Liturgy. The music especially incorporates the cultures and combines Anglo, Hispanic, Polish and Filipino choirs for one unified voice.

Participants enjoy the service so much they have requested that it be held more than once a year.

“Just wanted to let you all know how wonderful this morning’s liturgy was; no better way to start a day of Thanksgiving to our Lord for all he has done for our parish and for our lives,” Hector Serrano said.