Taking a stand for life in the sand and on the street

SOUTH CAROLINA—People have mobilized to participate in Respect Life Month activities.

Advocates of all ages stood silently along major roads around the state Oct. 7 for Life Chains. They were holding signs that read “Life — the first Inalienable Right,”  “Pray to End Abortion,” “El Aborto Mata Ninos,” “El aborto lastima a las Mujeres,” and praying quietly together.

Many drivers honked their horns in support as they sped by.

Stephen Boyle was holding a sign on S.C. Highway 17 away from the other volunteers located in front of Blessed Sacrament Church in Charleston. He received angrily shouted statements from two separate young, male drivers. He said it didn’t bother him, however, because the possibility of saving a child’s life was more important. It just further cements his mission, he said.

“We are here to be a moral compass for people,” he added.

In the Rosary Coast to Coast event, one participating parish took the title literally and went out to Litchfield Beach. Father Paul MacNeil, pastor of Precious Blood of Christ Church on Pawleys Island, led the prayer. It was attended by parishioners from the Grand Strand churches.

A longer vigil, 40 Days for Life, began Sept. 26 and lasts through Nov. 4. The event involves prayer and fasting, vigils and more. Find a location at 40daysforlife.com.

Top photo, Miscellany/Doug Deas: Shawna Swanson, a student at Bishop England High School, draws on the sidewalk at the campus on Daniel Island. The teens were participating in National Pro-life Chalk Day held Oct. 2.

Miscellany/Keith Jacobs: Father Paul MacNeil from Precious Blood of Christ Church leads the Rosary Coast to Coast, which was attended by parishioners from Grand Strand churches.


Miscellany/Deirdre C. Mays: Father Noly Berjuega, pastor of Immaculate Conception Church, joins the sidewalk protest against abortion during the Life Chain event.


Miscellany/Deirdre C. Mays: One of the youth from Immaculate Conception Church shares her message from the sidewalk.


Miscellany/Keith Jacobs: Life Chain participants stand in line in front of St. Michael Church in Murrells Inlet on S.C. Highway 17.


Miscellany/Juanita Bustamante: Sisters Jennifer Tecla, Margaret Charles and Lupe Hernandez, of the Daughters of St. Paul in Charleston, decorate their sweet creations for National Pro-life Cupcake Day held Oct. 9.
Miscellany/Deirdre C. Mays: Melissa Delacruz holds a sign reading “A baby changed everything” during the Life Chain event at Immaculate Conception.
Miscellany/Deirdre C. Mays: Stephen Boyle takes his message down Savannah Highway as part of the Life Chain event at Blessed Sacrament Church in Charleston.