Diocese supports Miracle Hill Ministries to protect religious freedom

The Diocese of Charleston has issued the following statement regarding religious freedom and Miracle Hill Ministries, the largest provider of foster families in South Carolina. The ministry has come under scrutiny for placing children only with Protestant families.

“The Catholic Diocese of Charleston supports Miracle Hill Ministries’ ability to assist in placing vulnerable children in safe and stable homes in our state. This organization should not be forced to discontinue these life-affirming services because they desire to serve children consistent with their Protestant faith.

The freedom of religion recognized and guaranteed by our Constitution is not merely the freedom to worship. Freedom of religion includes every sphere of teaching, service, and public witness required to live according to one’s faith, and no religious group should be forced to alter their beliefs in order to exercise their legitimate freedoms in the public square.

The Catholic Church has theological disagreements with Miracle Hill Ministries; however, we applaud their remarkable service to the poor and hope that they will continue and succeed in that service in our community.”