St. Anthony maintains school unity with prayers in parking lot

FLORENCE—As St. Anthony School began navigating through these unprecedented times of social distancing and closures due to COVID-19, we committed ourselves to living our mission and vision. However, we quickly learned that distance learning cannot replace the magic of learning together, praying together, laughing together and being together. Although we could not fix the problem surrounding us, we could keep our community engaged and united in the Body of Christ.

We started to hold “Prayers in the Parking Lot” within the second week of the closure of our schools. As a community of faith, we know, understand and believe in the power of prayer. Every Wednesday and Thursday we hold a small prayer service in the school parking lot.

To keep our numbers small, we invited our school community through our House System, which was created to foster unity, community, and pastoral relationships among students and faculty. Each gathering is led by Father Robert Morey, pastor of St. Anthony Church, and Kristine Galemmo, school principal, as they guide participants in prayer and song.

Our prayers are devoted to the sick, community workers, families, leaders, health care workers and those most at risk. In light of our House System’s mission to serve, our families from St. Anthony also collected personal care items for Lighthouse Ministries.

Prayer in the Parking Lot is a beacon of light for our families. In times of uncertainty, we lean on our faith and we pray.