The Class of 2020 graduates in style

Seniors meet challenges of pandemic head on

Seniors from St. Anne School in Rock Hill toss their caps in celebration.

As he has in years past, Bishop Robert E. Guglielmone attended as many graduation ceremonies as he could, offering congratulations and words of encouragement to the Class of 2020. His presence was one of the few things that remained the same in a topsy-turvy pandemic year.

School officials did their best to provide some sort of modified commencement ceremony so graduating seniors could make the traditional walk to receive their diplomas. Graduations were held outside, mostly on athletic fields, so social distancing could be achieved. Guests were limited and participants all donned masks.

But the important thing, according to seniors and their parents: They got to walk.

“The schools have done a good job in making it as special as they can,” Bishop Guglielmone said. “They’ve managed to take a very difficult situation and do the very best with it.”

In speaking to the graduates, the bishop told them to ask themselves ‘What does God request of me?’ and to remember the words of the Prophet Micah: Act justly, love tenderly, and walk humbly with your God.

“All three are necessary,” he said.    

Many of the graduating seniors were born in 2002 and are no strangers to uncertain times. Part of Generation Z, they are a vocal group looking to make the world a better place.

Here are a few relevant bits of history for the seniors of 2020 to look back on as they make their way into the future:

• They were only 1 year old when MySpace launched, 2 years old when Facebook was created, and 4 years old when Twitter started. 

• Texting, invented in 1992, is older than the high school class of 2020. 

• To this group of seniors, the terrorist attack of 9/11 is a historical event rather than something they lived through.

• They are younger than the iPod, which was released in 2001, and were only 5 when the first iPhone was released.  

• Members of their generation are already leading the way in some of the most pressing issues of the day.

Below are photos and a list of each school’s graduates:

Bishop England High School in Charleston

The senior class of Bishop England High School gathers in the peace garden at the school on Daniel Island.

Emma Albano, Valedictorian

Alexis Maus, Salutatorian

Nathan Joseph Abdou

Joshua Laurence Adams

William Cole Anderson

Patrick Michael Antonelli

Angel Asiain-Salceda

Adelaide Jane Bachrodt

Mariana Sofia Bakle

Emily Marie Barros with honors

Kathrynne Donielle Beck

Sykes Joshua Berry

Ashleigh Anne Binz with honors

Browning Windsor Emerson Blair

Brianna Elise Blanchard

Cathryn Anne Bluemel

Arianna Joan Borkowski

Gabrielle Hélène Bouchard

Nicole Katherine Boyd

Charlotte Camilla Brailsford

Peter John Bride

Marco Antonio Brouette

Chase Christopher Bruder

Anna Catherine Burton with honors

Kristen Jude Caputo with honors

Edwin George Carpenter

Ellie Malone Carrigan

Mariana Isabel Carson

Freah Camila Escaño Cinense

Sullivan Ashby Clair with honors

Chloe Caroline Cobb

Alyssa Marie Conder

Cameron Christopher Costa

Kennedy Louise Coupe

Gracie Anne Crosby

Marlee Olivia Cunningham

Catherine Butler Curtis

Zachary Cade Dacuba

Jullie-Allisan de Faria

Alexis Taylor DeMarco

Logan Davis Desciak

Olivia Hope Dussault

Jackson Tucker Ely

Raymond Christian Escoto

Michael Sylvestre Esparza

Harrison Weldon Estey with honors

Andrew Michael Ferri

Alexander Joseph Fischer

Emily Cobb Flanders

Liam Joseph French

John Edward Frick

Camille Marie Garner

Alvaro Gaston-Oroz

Patricia Suzanne George

Sarah Elizabeth Gordon

Jordan Hailey Guancione

Mary Love Gurrieri

Davis Grant Harkey

Finley Robin Harris

Kevin David Hart

Owen Thomas Hekker

Brandon Douglas Hooks

Christopher Ballard Housley

Julia Hay Hunter with honors

Grace Anne Iaria

Daniel Vicente Infante with honors

Kaitlyn Marie Jackowski

Kaitlyn Suzanne Jackson

Mary Caroline Jackson

Caroline Maris Jordan

Annalise Christine Keefer

Michael McCallum Kerrigan

Patrick Daniel Kerrigan

Elizabeth Annette King

Jay Michael King

Macara Jane King

Bella Carroll Kissell

Katerina Victoria Klein

John Michael Kraft

Ian Jeffrey Laro

Madison Nichole Lawless

Anne Elise Lawrence

Jacaline Grace Lawrence

Madaline Heyward Lawrence

Murphy Nicholas Lawrence

Edward Yongjun Lee

Zachary John Owen Lewis

Adrianna Patricia Loor

Michael Joseph Marcacci

McKenna Lynn Martin

Emma Jane Mazur

Christopher Aidan McCool

Jarren Charles McCoy with honors

Molly McGrane McManus

Gillian Grace McMurtry with honors

Matthew Jacques McQuade

Rachel Teresa McRae

Alexa Mackenzie Meeks

George Franz Meyer IV

Charles Hampton Michel

Thomas Mark Michel

Benjamin Ervin Miller

Sasha Nikolaevna Morton

Marlowe Marie Moxley

Madison Ann Mummert

Griffin John Murphy

Jake Scott Nadeau with honors

Luke Davis Noble

Ryleigh Marie O’Brien

Erin Catherine O’Connor with honors

James Warren O’Connor

Jordan Adare O’Connor

Luke Patrick Oligino with honors

Coleman Drew Owens

Steven Collin Panko

Hugo Alejandro Paredes Jr.

Alexander Wojciech Pawlik

Daniel James Poch

Zoey Lina Polito

Emily Maria Poole

Dalton Lim Posadas

Ellison Anne Potts

Emma Kate Puckhaber

José Julián Rentas with honors

Jessica Ann Restivo

Natalie Lauren Rice with honors

John Raymond Rider

John Nicholas Roddey

Riley Anne Ross

Kayla Renee Runey

Margaret Kathryn Runyon

John Michael Saboe

Adam Riley Salmorin

Isabella Nicole Schettini

Colby Oltmann Searson

Caroline Grace Seymour

Cameron Reid Shippee with honors

Addison Eliza Stowell

Caroline Rose Sumner

Shawna Marie Swanson

Amelia Grace Tessier

Chloe Madison Tribolet

Mary Katherine Verner

James Anthony Vuletich

Bryan Michael Wain

Katherine Louise Weaver

Ainsley Corrine Western with honors

Claudia Pearl White

James Harrison Woods

James McDowell Wyman

and, John Carr Wysong


Cardinal Newman School in Columbia

A Cardinal Newman senior participates in her school’s outdoor graduation.

Elizabeth         Nicole  Adams

Julia     Rose    Aho

Skyler              Allen

Tugay              Bilgis

Katelyn            Nicole  Blanchard

Mary   Margaret         Bliek

Emma  Catherine        Bolchoz

Andrei Georges-Andreivich    Bolshakov

Kennedy          Alexis   Bracey

Charles            Thomas           Brooks IV

Cecilia  Katherine        Brown

Kyle     Shawn Burke

Ignacio            Camps

Lea      Kathleen          Canetto

Christopher     John    Charlton

Joseph Ada      Cleary

Mary Katherine           Iager    Collins

John    Curtis   Condra

Payton Newman         Cooper

Charles                        Cooper

Jacob   Cole     Cowan

Lindsey            Buyck  Crider

Emily   Ann     Curry

Leo      George Curry

Eliza     Mary Whaley  Edwards

Yunus  Emre   Ermis

Adam  Richard            Frame

Caleb   Brockton         Gallant

Madison          Lee      Glidden

Jonathan         Frank   Hafner

Jaylin   Brandon          Hammond

Myles  Copeland         Hedgecock

Connor Storm  Helm

Leigh   Anne   Hickman

Garrett Joseph Hines

Karson Wiseman         Hocutt

William            Pate     Hoffman

Makenna         Katherine Conner       Hoover

Harold Israel   Johnson           Jr.

Jacqueline       Judith  Johnston

Lottie   Elise     Kamis

Elizabeth         DesChamps     Kay

Mary Fraser                Kay

Lukas   Vincent            Kearn

Elizabeth         Meade Kerfoot

Elise     Nicole  Kubas

Hailey  Elizabeth         Laubacker

Johnathan       Francis LaVecchia

Sarah   Witter Liebenow

Kathryn           Ann     Liggitt

Sean    Dean    MacMurdo

Liam    Augustine        Magalhaes

Charles            Cooper McBurney

Marino Lopez McGloster         Jr.

Michael           Gerard McGovern

Taylor  Grace  McIntosh

Shawn Caleb   McMaster

Matthew         Paul     McMullen

Audrey Reese  Meyers

Tristan Jane     Millard

Max     Andrew           Miller

Daniel  Charles            Monfils

Jalen    Tyrese Montgomery

Lillian   Frances           Moore

Sebastian        Micheal           Moore

Caitlin  Elizabeth         Murphy

Kellis    Y Nhu  Nguyen

Annie               Nguyen

Nicholas          Durden            Noah

Rhoslyn           Saehee Owens

Ataberk                       Ozel

Venetia           Carlton Pappas

John-Frank      Sheheen          Pappas

Della    Ruth    Parrilla

Owen  Thomas           Pickel

Shy’Heem        Tyshrionne Bobby       Pinkney

James  Alexander        Potash Jr.

Catherine        Elizabeth         Powers

Carsten            Blaire   Puckett

Erin      Susan  Quarters

James  Thompson       Reedy  III

Chase  St. James         Robinson

Andrew           Braden Scott

Michael           James  Seezen

Jackson           Elliott   Sessoms

Charles            Reynolds         Skehan

Isabelle            Leigh   Sprayberry

Noah   Riley    Srulevich

Alexandra        Bailey  Stevens

Isabelle            Grace  Studnicka

Taliyah Danielle           Swygert

Bradley            David   Turner

Thomas           Christian          Tyler

Tommy                        Vu

LeShunn          Darrell Russ     White  Jr.

Zachary           Thomas           Williams

Hunter S          Williams

Robert Daniel  Winterstein

James  Ryan    Wolff

Tucker McLeod           Woodham


John Paul II School in Ridgeland

Graduating seniors from John Paul II pose with caps and gowns. See Individual photos on Facebook.

*Megan Emma Shaw, Valedictorian

*Alena Nicole Durel, Salutatorian

Rodreco Tyrec Anderson

Jonathan Barragan

Ta’Churan Mikayla Brantley

Michael Noah Brock

Marianne McKenna Byrne

Anthony Oliver Cedeno

Jacob Collins

Zayra Alejandra Cruz

Tyler Warren Davis

Renee Helena Delgado

Tkai Jonita DeVore

Colin Robert Doering

Brendan Patrick Doherty

Alena Nicole Durel

Katherine Leigh Floyd

Xavier Horacio Gomez

Hope Ann Hamilton

Jasmine Nichole Hamilton

Joshua Edward Horton II

Raymond Alan Johnson

Kenneth CJ Knight

Sebastian Laverde

Logan Z. Markiw

Mark Fernando Martel

Laura Kathryn Mast

Octavio Alejandro Nunez

Khushi Chirag Patel

Ethan Joseph Prado

Abigail Elizabeth Quinty

Molly Catherine Rembold

Jazmine Sanchez

Gioella Maria Sarli

Macy Anne Sauls

Sophia Corine Schirmer

Megan Emma Shaw

Va’Shon Hyikem Shiggs

Rylee Mackenzie Tamminen

Gianna Carmela Torinese

Phong Thanh Tran

Marcello J. Vera

Merritt Rain Woodham


St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Greenville

Graduates from St. Joseph’s Catholic gather for their formal photo.

*Luciana Strathern, Redemptoris Custos Award

*Joey Stansberry, Father Fox Award

*Marcos Salgado, Outstanding Christian Athlete Award

Maclean Armstrong

Bridget Arnett

Dominic Berning

Anna Rose Bradley

Erika Casanova

Emma Cervetti

Justin Chamberlin

Lorena Cicale

Witt Clary

James Cline

Margaret Coburn

Liam Connelly

Nick Crews

Carson Crockett

Emily Crosby

Lindsey Cummings

Ava Dobson

Brendan Dunlavey

Delaney Egan

Theresa Ferguson

Patrick Fesler

Caitlin Fitzgerald

Mack Floyd

Maria Gelpi

Rachel Girvin

Nyah Hallums

Gabe Hernandez Villagra

Isaac Hine

Abby Horne

Alexander Hoverath

Brian Hoverath

Anna Impeduglia

Matthew Jacques

Preston Jennings

Karina Jimenez

Tessa Kelly

Jordan Kozakiewicz

Andrew Kruk

Gracie Lawton

Nicholas Loudermilk

Rashad Luckey Dowdy

Meghan Malone

Mackenzie Manfredi

Spencer Marchant

Emma Martin

Josh Masters

Jenna Maunsell

Alex May

Mary Ellison McCoy

Declan McKinley

Michael McLeer

Delaney McNew

Brendan McTigue

Kaitlyn Meade

Alec Miller

Aiden Miller

Juliana Moore

Libby Morgan

Brittany Morris

Philip Mosley

Emily Mullins

Sydney Nobarak

Alice Norton

Katrina O’Connell

Maggie Olewiler

Gabby Olewiler

Sarah Paguaga

Madison Patrick

Daniel Pekalak

Luke Perham

Peter Permanente

Isabel Poinsette

Joseph Poole

Annie Puckett

Georgia Quartararo

Isabella Quick

Ava Quigley

Marta Ratkowski

Adam Rogers

Emily Schmidt

Jason Sheldon

Scotty Silver

Brigid Stanton

Cailin Sullivan

Katelyn Supra

Elizabeth Tamura

Julia Thompson

Andrea Tolmos

Nathan Turcotte

Cole Van Emburg

Julia VanPutte

Russell Warren

Kevyn Watson

Max Weaver

Dante Wells

Thomas Werner

Andy Widman

Thomas Zakrzwski

William Zeimetz

St. Anne School, Rock Hill

Benjamin Dresbach

Noah Garretson

Zachary Oehlhof

Jackson Ogburu

Isabelle Rainier – Valedictorian

Haiden Taylor

Hanna Taylor


St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School in Myrtle Beach

Seniors from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Myrtle Beach pose in their formal attire.

*Kaitlyn  Hubany, Valedictorian

*Kolby Johnson, Salutatorian

Matthew Deubell

Anastasia Salyers

Jamie Ventura


St. Anne School in Rock Hill

St. Anne’s graduates gather for a photo after commencement.

*Isabelle Rainier, Valedictorian

Benjamin Dresbach

Noah Garretson

Zachary Oehlhof

Jackson Ogburu

Haiden Taylor

Hanna Taylor