The Miscellany welcomes a new editor

CHARLESTON—The Catholic Miscellany welcomes Zane Jernigan, from Knoxville, Tenn., as its new editor.

Jernigan graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design in 2008. He then worked for seven years as a graphic designer, photo retoucher and video editor in Knoxville.

With principal clientele like Le Creuset, Blackberry Farm and Ruby Tuesday, Jernigan said he came face-to-face with great design, production value and five star cuisine. Being around some of the best chefs, winemakers and artisans on Earth was valuable beyond words, he said.


Jernigan then went to work for Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tenn., as their e-commerce photographer and graphic designer. Being a member of Blackberry Farm’s marketing team was a designer’s dream and produced invaluable experience, he said.

“The marriage of Appalachian culture with gorgeous design and southern hospitality created lightning in a bottle at the foot of the Smoky Mountains in Walland,” Jernigan said. There, he helped launch Blackberry’s podcast and magazine, and was on the team that opened Blackberry’s sister property Blackberry Mountain.

“Working at Blackberry was wonderful; being a part of a group of people dedicated to perfection in their craft has its imprint on a person,” he said.

Jernigan said he converted to Catholicism in 2016 after the birth of his first son, and began feeling the call to ministry and to continue his education centered on the Church.

After entering the Church, he enrolled at Franciscan University and is studying for his master’s in catechetics and evangelization. He left Blackberry Farm to join Catholic Charities of East Tennessee as the COVID pandemic put the brakes on life as we know it. There, he helped facilitate taking their events virtual as their communication coordinator and designer.

“Serving our community at Catholic Charities was life changing,” he said. “I am eternally grateful to Lisa Healy and Lori Sliwa for giving me an opportunity to make a difference.”

The possibility of joining The Miscellany was a dream opportunity for Jernigan and his family. His wife Amber, a Summerville native, was overjoyed to return home to be near her family. The couple has three children — Remy, 4; June, 2; and Rollie, 8 months —  who couldn’t be more excited to live here at the beach.

“I’m overjoyed to be here as the editor of The Miscellany,” he said. “It’s a perfect mix of design as well as catechetical writing which matches my experience of over 13 years. I truly believe that God, through His Holy Spirit, led me to this post. May God give me the grace to help bring Christ’s truth to the people of South Carolina. Please, in your charity, pray for me to do exactly that.”