Gov. Sanford signs Ultrasound Act into law

COLUMBIA — Gov. Mark Sanford signed the Ultrasound Act into law on May 14.
The law requires that abortion providers inform women they have a right to view the image of their unborn child before the procedure can be performed. The legislation revised the prerequisites for abortions by stating that, if an ultrasound is performed, an abortion may not be undertaken for one hour following the completion of the ultrasound, according to a press release from S.C. Citizens for Life.   
The physician who performs the abortion, or health professionals working with the doctor, must inform the woman before the ultrasound procedure of her right to view the image at her request during or after the ultrasound.  
South Carolina is the 18th state to pass legislation giving the mother the option to view the ultrasound of her unborn child before an abortion.
Only South Carolina and Oklahoma require a one-hour waiting period between the time the ultrasound is performed and the abortion is scheduled.  
According to state regulations, an ultrasound is mandatory if the baby’s gestational age is estimated to be 14 weeks or older, or is unknown. The ultrasound remains optional before 14 weeks of pregnancy.  
In all cases, the woman must be informed of her right to view the image of her unborn child.