Workplace safety is a top concern for Catholic Mutual

Catholic Mutual insurance seminar

Catholic Mutual insurance seminarCOLUMBIA—Employees at St. Michael Church in Garden City recently saved a parishioner’s life simply because they were prepared.

It was during Easter Mass, and a member of the congregation went into cardiac arrest. St. Michael staffers had invested in a defibrillating device and were trained to use it in just such an emergency, and tragedy was prevented.

Tracy Bates, with Catholic Mutual Group, told this story to The Miscellany as an example of why parishes and schools should be prepared for anything that can happen: from big events such as fires and hurricanes, to everyday occurrences that can lead to slips and falls.

Each year, workplace safety is an important topic of conversation at a Catholic Mutual seminar.

Bates said this year they had a lively round-table discussion where people voiced concerns and asked questions about insurance issues.

Catholic Mutual is the insurance provider for the Diocese of Charleston and the annual seminar was held at St. John Neumann School in Columbia on April 21.

One of the most important topics at the meeting was an explanation of the new worker’s compensation and auto billing systems.

Speakers also introduced the Charleston Service Office website and talked about how to use it; and covered the benefits of participating in the online program, Safety Training, Fire Safety, and Slips, Trips, & Falls.

Bates said they chose 10 of the largest and busiest parishes to take the online course, but would like everyone to participate.

During the Catholic Mutual seminars, Bates tries to address insurance issues that affect different groups of employees. Past topics have covered maintenance, workers’ compensation laws, reducing employee injuries, and safe collection practices.

She said attending the seminars provides a great opportunity for parish and school leaders to bounce ideas and concerns off one another.