Letter to Editor Guidelines

Please read our submission guidelines below before submitting your entry.

1. The Catholic Miscellany welcomes and encourages letters to the editor. Letters represent the opinion of the author and not necessarily The Catholic Miscellany or the Diocese of Charleston.

2. Letters must include your first and last name, address and a daytime telephone number, no exceptions, so we can verify the letter’s authenticity. Letters without telephone numbers for verification will not be considered.

3. All letters published must bear the author’s first and last name except under extreme circumstances as determined by the editor.

4. Letters may not exceed 250 words. We will edit letters for clarity and to fit space requirements.

5. We reserve the right to reject letters which are defamatory or inconsistent with good editorial standards.

6. No more than one letter from any individual will be published during a month.

7. Letters of appreciation will be published based on individual merit, as space allows. No mention of business names is allowed. Thank you notices may be published as paid advertising.

8. No event announcements will be accepted as letters to the editor. Please contact the editor.

9. Parental consent is required for writers under age 18.

10. We do not accept poetry.

13. We do not publish letters from prison or jail inmates.

14. Send letters to: Letter to the Editor, The Catholic Miscellany, P.O. Box 818, Charleston, SC 29402 or e-mail editor@catholic-doc.org.