CSW: St. Anne School

A Visit from our Shepherd

By St. Anne School | Rock Hill

Bishop Robert E. Guglielmone visited St. Anne School on Jan. 24, 2011. He began his visit by leading our weekly school Mass. The Knights of Columbus Color Corps greeted Bishop Guglielmone and the school’s eighth-grade class led the liturgy.

The church was filled with students, teachers, staff and parishioners. There were two additional altar servers wearing gloves. These extra servers were there to assist the Bishop with his mitre and staff.

The readings centered on the theme “love one another.” The message delivered from our bishop was simple but important. Jesus cares for us and provides for us and wants us to love and care for each other in the same way.

The bishop did not travel to Rock Hill alone. He brought his adorable dog Mickey with him! On his tour of St. Anne, Bishop Guglielmone visited classrooms and showed students the tricks his friend could still do!

The bishop answered questions about his work as a priest of 34 years and his time serving as the Bishop of South Carolina. He recalled wanting to be a priest since the fourth grade.

Following Bishop Guglielmone’s tour and class visits, the St. Anne School advisory board hosted a lunch meeting and his day ended with his Stewardship Campaign and celebrating with parishioners.

The St. Anne community was so excited to have the “shepherd” of our state celebrate Mass and visit with them. South Carolina is blessed to have a strong leader and our school is grateful for the time he spent with us.