St. Joseph School awards

COLUMBIA—St. Joseph School students were recently selected to receive the school’s service awards, which were presented to two students in each class during Mass on April 29 at St. Joseph Church. The qualities that a child’s teacher considered were: positive attitude, school work, contributing to the school community, following Gospel values, cooperation, and going above and beyond.

The students are: Lupita Adame’-Ramirez, Logan Watson, Priscilla Hayes and Gabby Taylor in first grade; Charlie West, Jonathan Jordan, Braceland Degenhart and Alexa Johnson in second grade; Makenna Hoover, Matthew McMullen, Sarah Liebenow and Nick Noah in third grade; Caroline Brooks, Reid Moser, Joseph Long and Kelley Heebner in fourth grade; Marco Michel, Regan Fosmire, Leigh Anderson and Alexandra Dodson in fifth grade; and Kendall Watson, Shand Terreni, Mary Emma Dayhuff and Paul Bolchoz in sixth grade.