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Even on summer break, Sumter students are hard at work

SUMTER—Although summer vacation began in June, eight students from St. Francis Xavier High School and one from St. Anne were still hard at work.

According to an article from the high school, the teens spent a week repairing and repainting the home of a local resident in need. Under the guidance and encouragement of Bill Hentges, the high school advisor, and other adult members of the community, the youth were able to experience firsthand the sense of fulfillment that comes from selflessly doing for others.

The Sumter Area Missions project comes under the auspices of United Ministries. Youth from local churches and civic organizations volunteer one week each summer to repair homes for the needy and elderly with guidance from adult volunteers.

They met each morning at 7 a.m. for breakfast and prayers, then headed to the work sites. At lunch they would regroup for togetherness and prayer, followed by more work. It was hot, hard, manual labor, yet they did it willingly. Some students had never been on a roof nor handled construction-style tools. But they learned quickly.

Smiling, the students said the highlight of each morning and afternoon was the popsicle break. Teens who participated included Tallon Hannus, Peter Lavergne, Charles Moore, Crystal Moore, Hung Nguyen, Katie Olsen, Matt Phillips, Richard Russell, and Casey Taylor, plus adult volunteers.

They gave from their hearts, their blistered hands, sunburned necks and sore muscles out of love and concern for others. Students said the friendships they made and the bonds they formed will enrich their lives for years.

Sedota chosen for institute

MYRTLE BEACH—Cheryl Sedota, librarian at St. Andrew School, was selected to participate in the Eileen Ludwig Greenland National Bearing Witness Summer Institute in Washington, D.C., in July. She will join Catholic educators from across the United States to learn skills and gain resources to bring the lessons of anti-Semitism, the Holocaust and modern day prejudice to the students and community.

15 fellows from St. Joe’s

GREENVILLE—St. Joseph’s Catholic School had 15 students qualify as Palmetto Fellows. They are: Andrew Grant, Jensen Grim, Phillip Key, Tim Litzinger, Grant McMillan, Justin Mehl, Nic Poupore, Kaitlyn Posa, Kevin Carey, Noah Davis, Kayla Dixon, Alexis Krcelic, Alex Schaeffer, Nicholle Stein and Audrey Ward. Requirements for the award are a minimum GPA of 4.0 and a minimum of 1400 on the SAT or 32 on the ACT.

The final beam

CHARLESTON—Students in grades K-4 through eighth sign the final beam of Charleston Catholic School’s new $2.3 million building. The beam was hoisted into place during a recent topping out ceremony.

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