Be mediators of God’s goodness, Bishop says

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As we approach this wonderful national holiday we call Thanksgiving, we reflect on a year that has been difficult in so many ways.

We can certainly think of our economy that is still struggling, families in situations that challenge them, a world situation of terrorism and violence, and all kinds of challenges to our faith coming from many sides. If we were to focus on these negatives, we could easily fall into depression and possibly even to despair.

11-20-14-thanksgiving-messaHowever, there are so many wonderful and beautiful aspects of our lives that offer us a sense of hope and produce in us positive joy: families that are experiencing great love and affirmation; a diocese where so much growth is occurring; young people who are living their faith in beautiful ways, especially in reaching out in so many ways to those who are struggling. God is so active in our lives that no matter how many challenges to a good life that we face, He always gives us the grace to live lives of hope, joy, and peace; serenity in the midst of sometimes chaotic situations is still quite possible thanks to a caring God who loves us.

It is so important to give thanks for all these graces. Let us never forget to thank our God on Thanksgiving Day, to get to Mass if at all possible, at least to pray with our families and friends as we celebrate this day. Let us also give thanks to and for each other, for it so often happens that God’s graces are mediated through the people who pass through our lives. So often our friends and relatives offer us the affirmation that helps us to see clearly God’s presence in our lives.

May this Thanksgiving Day be an opportunity for all of us to be mediators of God’s goodness by reaching out to those who may need, in one way or another, a healing and comforting touch.

Happy Thanksgiving and may God’s blessings be yours in abundance.

Most Rev. Robert E. Guglielmone
Bishop of Charleston